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StressMobile enables the measurement of stress through voice analysis and facilitates the management of stress via numerous innovative and effective solutions.

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* This is an illustration of sample values only. The actual scores and the corresponding avatars will vary depending on other parameters such as age & gender.


When you call our service, you get a stress score measured in Ricochets and an avatar that describes you.

How can stressMobile help you?

StressMobile ™ is a service that allows you evaluate your own Stress Score at any time. Look at how useful this could be. You have a feeling you are stressed out (who isn't, these days?). If you walk into a doctor's clinic

Why Voice?

Remember when you were coming down with malaria in the first semester at college in your hostel. You were feeling down and out and called your parents to listen to some soothing words. Just as you finished asking, "Hello Ma. How are you?…"

Stress & your Heart

The heart is a hard-working organ in the body. It has to go on and on, much like the lungs and the kidneys, so that the rest of the body functions can go on smoothly. When the body identifies a source of stress, it secretes cortisol which sends out signals to other parts of the body.

Stress & your Immunity

Prolonged exposure to stress can cause havoc with our immune system. Research has shown that when there is an immediate reaction to stress, the immune system may be slightly enhanced. But if the stress reaction persists for hours, then the responses start going into dangerous territory.

Stress & your Digestion

Over a period of time, the combination of lack of food as well as poor digestion leads to ulcers. Worse still, is that you may be eating well and heartily but stress can ensure that nutrition absorption is at a minimum.

Stress & your Sexual Health

Our reaction to stress from traffic is much the same from what our ancestor suffered in trying to get away from the tiger. When this happens, blood flow is diverted to the brain and not to your sexual organs.

Our Customers

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Our stress management programs come in three flavors - Self-help techniques that you can experiment with at your convenience, Partner Services that you can avail in a managed environment and at reduced rates and Expert Advice that will be personalized for your immediate needs.

I find your relaxation techniques very innovative and effective. I can measure my stress score immediately after practicing a technique and see how much it has helped in reducing my stress levels. As they say, nothing can be controlled unless measured and it is so true with stress too!

Sachin Sancheti

I have been using stressmobile for about 3 months now and I am astonished at the accuracy with which this service has been consistently predicting my stress levels. The report I received at the end of the Stress 125 program has some pretty useful insights too.

Gajendra Sisodia

This served as a wake-up call for me. I did not realize how stressed I was on several occasions throughout the day until I started to call this service on a regular basis. The best part is that this technique is so easy to use and non-invasive too.

Paddy Srinivasan