Ricochets - The Stress Measurement Gauge

What Can be measured can be managed better is so true. Unless we know where we stand with respect to our health parameters be it body temperature or pulse rate or BP we would not know what is happening to us and what we need to.
Shouldn't we all should also know where do we stand on stress scale and what we need to do?

And this is the primary benefit that stress mobile brings to you. stressMobile helps you:-
    i. Measure stress and know where you stand on stress scale
    ii. Set a stress level target to reach to
    iii. Track your yourself and see if your stress levels are changing as desired
You can also use stressMobile to know what helps you calm down by just taking your measurement before and after the event and see how you are reacting to various stress management therapies and choose the best one for your self.

RICOCHETS - The Stress measurment gauge is here to help:-
When you call stressMobile service you get a stress score measured in Ricochets. What do these mean? How do you know are you at good stress level or very high stress level or just above the normal range? Read on and understand what does Ricochets mean?

1. A score below 1000 Ricochets :: Cool & CALM :: you are in a RELAXED state of mind. Life’s anxieties are far from your mind at the moment. And you are possibly thinking of deep blue seas and light blue skies with a lonely seagull hovering not far up in the sky. The breeze is cool and has calmed your senses. Life is good!

2. A score above 1000 Ricochets and below 1425 Ricochets :: STRONG & SILENT :: You are in LOW state of stress. You are alert and possibly the right time to plan ahead. You feel good about any challenge that can come around the corner.

3. A score above 1425 Ricochets and below 1685 Ricochets :: STRONG & SILENT :: You are in a eustress zone. You are alert, a bit competitive and have the optimum level of stress to make you perform. The state where we say "STRESS IS GOOD!!!"

4. A score above 1685 Ricochets and below 1850 Ricochets :: Brewing Storm :: The stress is showing up. Till 1770 Richohets you are in moderate stress zone and can easily move to EUSTRESS or even Low stress stage however stress beyond 1770 Ricochets means you are inching towards high stress zone. Advisable to take a step back, don't take too much on your self!

5. A score above 1850 Ricochets and below 2030 Ricochets :: ANXIOUS & Nervous :: you have crossed the level or mark and entering high stress zone. Consistent high scores in or above this range are a cause of concern.

6. A score above 2030 Ricochets and below 2375 Ricochets :: TOO WORRIED & AGITATED:: The stress of life is getting to you. You are possibly carrying too many burdens on your back. Too many tasks demand your attention. Typically, in this muddle, people tend to choose their priorities poorly. As a result, what’s important is left half-done or undone. Time to think of which monkeys you want to carry on your back. Ask yourself if your anxiety or concerns on an issue is really worth it. Remember scores that are consistently in this region over a period of weeks can signal future health problems. It's time to act now!

7. A score beyond 2375 Ricochets – :: ACT IMMEDITAELY :: Scores consistently in this range may mean that you are heading towards disaster. Your stress levels may be bringing about health challenges in the near future, unless you have already diagnosed those problems. Listen to your body and see if it’s sending signs that all is not well. When you are in a state of high anxiety, observe your breathing patterns. Frequent headaches are another sign of stress. Irritability is one more. Does your family observe that you "...weren't like this before. What’s wrong with you? You fly off the handle far too often nowadays!" Test your scores consistently on a daily basis and if your levels don’t change too much, then you need to sit up and act