We offer you StressMobile ™, which is the world's first measure of stress in humans.

If you walk into a doctor's office, your pulse, body temperature, Blood Pressure and heart functions can all be 'measured'. But, however much you know you are stressed, have you ever been able to 'score' your stress levels? Do you know where you stand?

To use StressMobile ™, all you have to do is call our number. An automated response asks you a few questions. As you answer, your voice is recorded. In a matter of minutes, our software will evaluate your voice and then send you a stress score through an SMS.

To understand if there is a pattern to your stress levels, you could check this on a daily basis, at different times during the day or specifically after stressful events. On a daily task basis, this could be after a tough meeting with your boss or while you are driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Once we know where you stand on the stress scale, sign up for our mobile messaging based alert system which sends out, on a consistent basis, advisory signals. These help increase your awareness of contributing factors to stress and what you could do to change those. Across Fitness, Diet, Nutrition and Relaxation, we give you techniques that you can make the most of to manage stress in your lives.

Want to test your stress levels through our StressMobile Service?