3GS Wellness is in the business of being able to measure stress in an innovative manner and helping people to recover from, or avoid, chronic stress.

So far, the human race has been able to treat people for the consequences of stress – be it Blood Pressure, improper digestion or heart disease. However, an individual has had no way to place himself on a stress scale and understand how far he is gone.

Our offering will help you find where you stand on the stress scale. In order to act on something one is doing wrong, you need to know how badly down the scale you are. We help you identify this.

For the first time ever, you will have a chance to evaluate yourself for stress based on an analysis of your voice. Our software will capture your voice over a mobile phone, analyse it and send you a score. Depending on where you stand on our stress scale, we will offer you a host of advisory services that will help you re-gain equilibrium in life.

Our services are tailored to help you gradually gain more control of your life and get back on track.

Want to test your stress levels through our StressMobile Service?