Stress and Sexual Health

Stress and Men's Sexual health
Ever noticed that one’s libido is the one of the first to be impacted when going through a stressful time? Under stress, our body releases cortisol in amounts corresponding to the intensity of our reaction.. This then impacts levels of testosterone production in body. Stress also reduces the blood supply to the reproductive organs and thus leads to immediate loss of libido. Long term impact of stress on males can be impotency and premature ejaculation

Stress and Women's Sexual health
Stress has a direct impact on women’s follicular stage being extended. Stress leads to lower secretion of hormones in the reproduction system – such as estrogen leading to decrease in chance of ovulation . Chronic stress can impact sexual wellbeing of Women be delayed / irregular menstrual cycle; loss of libido; difficulty in conceiving

Managing Stress and Sexual Wellbeing Stress’s impact on our sexual well-being can be limited by by our initiatives to take control of our life. First, does it not make sense to understand where we stand with respect to stress levels before you can even act on them.