How can stressMobile help you?

Who isn’t feeling stressed now days? However more often than nought we are treated for symptoms or consequences of stress or shall we say “We shoot the messenger instead of attacking the real problem"

The basic reason for not treating or being able to manage stress is not having the tools to measure stress.
Consider this – How do people with high blood pressure take steps to combat that condition? The first thing they do is measure their BP over time and are told that they need to start medication alongwith lifestyle changes. None of those actions are possible without understanding that they are well above the average readings of 120/80.

stressMobile ™ is a one of its kind service that allows you evaluate your own Stress Score at any time at your convenience .And above all using stressMobile is as easy as using a weighing scale. All you need to do is to:-

  • Register with stressMobile
  • Call the given mobile number
  • Answer the questions posed to you
  • Receive Ricochet (your stress score) through an SMS

How Does stressMobile ™ work
stressMobile is based on Voice Stress Analysis. Our solution analyzes voice and splits voice into multiple parameters (many of which are not audible to the human ear) and based on your parameters’ values, (backed by research and our proprietary algorithm) we are able to indicate quantified stress level in Ricochets. For Details on Voice and Stress Analysis Voice and Stress

How to use stressMobile ™ effectively?

  • As much as possible use the mobile microphone when responding to questions asked in stressMobile service. Using it in speaker mode may allow ambient noises to interrupt.
  • Talk normally as if answering questions from a friend
  • Press # after each answer
  • Even if you miss a question, don’t worry - talk about anything that comes to mind, such as your hobby etc. Remember we are not doing any textual analysis of spoken words, just voice-analysis
  • After the call, hang up and receive Ricochets (stress score) through an SMS or use stressMobile,com login to view

How to read SMS giving Ricochet (stress score)?
After every call your Ricochets is delivered through SMS. The SMS provides following information:-

  • Ricochet: 4 Digit number stating your stress level
  • Sentence explaining your current state of stress Based on your ricochet
  • information on next measurement and average score of overall populcation