Why Voice?

Yes, stress does have an impact on our voice.When we are under stress, changes occur in our throat, lungs and respiratory system and this is reflected in our voice and speech.
The voice of a person undergoing anxiety, for example, will be clearly different from when he or she is speaking in a state of calmness.

What is speech?
Speech is the obvious mode of communication us humans and we don;t devote a great deal of thought to it. We use it much like we breathe – natural, automatic and without intellectual effort. The lungs, larynx and the vocal tract together help us produce intelligible speech. The lungs provide the power supply, the larynx helps optimize air flow and while the vocal tract modulates speech so that it falls in the range of spectrum that is audible

How does stress impact our speech/voice?
Stress can have a direct impact on one's body and mind. This is obvious when your voice cracks suddenly while under a strong emotional stress. This is because we find it difficult to contemplate, as a result of which our communication may be speckled, tangled or at times not in synch with our thoughts

What is Voice-Stress Analysis>
Voice Stress Analysis is a technique that involves evaluation of electronic signals from your voice, extricating them electronically and analyzing specific attributes to be able to detect stress.
An algorithm proprietary to 3GS Wellness allows us to assign a value to the level of stress of the caller. As a concept to detect stress, this technique has been popularly used in lie-detection methods abroad and now, StressMobile has taken this one step further and placed people on a stress scale as being under moderate, high or low stress !

stressMobile stress evluation easier and better?
stressMobile Ricochet (stress score) is similar to a thermometer. The latter tells you whether or not you have temperature. It is not vague and leaves no room for doubt. Now, you have this tool that allows you to know your stress levels at your leisure. All it takes is a one-minute call to a healthier life. The InnerVoicePan-Acea package tells the current level of stress you are experiencing over a 25-day period – which is a great way to detect stress patterns over time.
There is no necessity for syringes and chords anymore; Stressmobile presents a method far more accessible. All you need to do is:-

  • Register with stressMobile
  • Call the given mobile number
  • Answer the questions posed to you
  • Receive Ricochet (your stress score) through an SMS